Do you have any website suggestions on were to buy really cheap laptops?

You should not buy a very cheap laptop unless you don’t plan on using it. They are complete junk. Save some money so you can buy a decent laptop, pick one and keep watching it online for sales. Laptops are cheapest in the USA and sometimes they have big sales so you can get a great deal.


In other countries they will be more expensive and the parameters will be worse. In China you may have local brands that offer great specs for the money, but if you buy those they will most likely completely fail on you within a year or two if you’re lucky, since those companies have little quality control, despite the good looking main specs, some of the parts in these products can be complete junk, and good luck finding them if something fails.


You have been warned. I’ve gone through 5–6 chinese brand tablets and none have lasted more than a year. A couple of them I bought in China and one failed the next day, I was still there to exchange it, which they did, then the exchanged one failed after 1 month.

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