If my car is totalled, will insurance pay me the value of the car or what I paid for it?

The Value of the Car – replacement value. What the reputable insurers do is look at what the current market value of your car at time of loss.

They look at condition, mileage, trim level, dealer options and after market options if included on your policy and yes they will look at paint color in come cases.


The insurance’s liability is to only make you “whole”- which means the value of the vehicle at time of loss not what you paid for it.

When I was doing auto damage the company I worked for used a third party to give us valuations based on my report to them on condition, features options etc.

If the claimant was not happy with the settlement we had no issue with them finding comparable values in the area and reviewing them and yes in a couple of cases they showed their vehicle did have a higher value

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