What are different Design courses students can study in Indian universities?

Design is a vast discipline and its usage expands to a number of fields like marketing, advertising, graphics, interiors, fashion industry, products, etc. Most Indian universities offer design courses mostly in three levels – undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD in a wide range of specialization fields and some of them are explained below:

Interior Design

Interior design is a popular course wherein the curriculum includes planning the layout of a house, office or any other commercial building. The field of interior designing is concerned with improving the aesthetic of any building through site inspections, conceptual development, space planning, research, programming, management of construction and finally execution of the planned design.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the field that utilizes visual contents (like typography, illustrations, colour palette and images) to portray and give shape to an idea. The graphics are used to communicate visually with the audience. With rapid digitalization happening around the world, most organizations need graphic designers to build an understanding between their brand and the audience by communicating through different graphics.

Communication Design

In simple terms communication design refers to using various visuals to strategically express a piece of information. The focus lies in understanding the relationship between the visuals and the audience who is viewing those visuals. The work of communication designers revolves around visualizing a picture, an object or product from scratch and finally creating graphics that the viewers would find appealing. After finishing this course, students can work in fields related to application design or branding.

Fashion Design

Fashion Designing has become a popular design course in recent years. The course curriculum involves the study of how to make lifestyle accessories like footwear, jewellery, apparel, etc. Students pursuing fashion designing courses are trained in garment construction, fashion illustration, graphic designing, analysis of market trends and pattern building, sewing, and draping.

Industrial Design

The industrial design course is concerned with learning the professional practice of creating products, services, objects and devices that are used by people on a daily basis. The work of industrial designers is to maintain the appearance, functionality and manufacturability of products/services during the development of a product. The end goal is to provide valuable experience to the end-users of products/services.

Indian institutes are diverse when it comes to offering academic courses. The advanced infrastructure of institutes and prospering start-up ecosystem make India a great destination to study abroad.

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