What happens if you cancel your car insurance then don’t have any insurance for 3 months?

In India, it is mandatory to have a third party liability insurance for all your vehicles. It is a legal offence if you do not have at least a third party insurance for your car/two-wheeler. While having a comprehensive car insurance is optional, it is best advised that you should opt for one as it can provide following coverages to you and your vehicle:

  • Loss/damage done to your vehicle due to natural disasters like flood, earthquake etc.
  • Loss/damage done to your vehicle due to activities such as theft, burglary or accident
  • Personal accident cover
  • Third part liability cover


Apart from this, you can enhance the coverage of your comprehensive car insurance by opting for various add-ons.

Having a car insurance policy is important because it can prevent the financial burden that you might have to bear in case of repair/replacement of your car and/or its parts. Besides this you might require to undergo an inspection of your car before getting a new policy after a gap of three months. Also you might lose your NCB, and thus a chance to lower your premium.

Hope that you get an adequate car insurance plan without any gap. You can visit Bajaj Allianz’s website to get complete details about the comprehensive car insurance plan and purchase it along with suitable add-on covers.

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