What is the situation of global oil politics since 2019 to present?

Well, of course it’s obvious that we would need the complete wattage energy storage capacities from the unneeded, unwanted solar power, wind turbine power, and locational hydropower that are guaranteed for 24/7/365 on-demand readiness UNFAILINGLY….perhaps by Tesla’s giant acres of lithium-ion batteries that can/will change the equation of the essential utilization of fossil-fuels or hydrocarbons.

Just an example of the “situation of global oil politics” would be that major international energy decisions are using petropolitics or Petroleum politics – Wikipedia that can answer your question more thoroughly than I can.

As the “situation” to be answered from the tip of the energy demand iceberg, we must acknowledge that the United States consumes at least 300,000,000 or 300 million gallons of various gasolines per DAY or per 24 hours. This is the equation of ONLY 1 type of fuel.

But, as we know or knew, that in 2019 before the COVID-19 situation came about, the United States was the largest exporter of crude oil…..even more than Saudi Arabia’s exports.

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